niceHi Everyone! My name is Dasha. I live in Northern Vermont with my husband and two kids. We’re Christians, but not the perfect kind, just trying to learn unconditional love of the Creator. We were very happy to find a great local church in this beautiful Green Mountain State.

I’m passionate about cooking, kids and travelling. Together with our family, we’re always on the lookout for combining good times with self-enrichment and a smatter of education to create meaningful life experiences that will shape the way we live.

Season to Explore is very much meant for you. Most of it right now is about cooking, especially the kind that is fast, easy, healthy, and appealing to the little ones. Since I’m originally from Ukraine, a lot of my inspiration comes from Eastern Europe. I’m also interested in Western Europe, American regional peculiarities and anything else with melted chocolate.

Season to Explore is also very much meant for me. I’m learning to take new steps in a new, sometimes mysterious, place.

This blog is where I can tell you what I’ve gained from moving to a new country, having kids and learning to live the words of Jesus. It’s also a story of transformation of a have-to-cook to a love-to-cook person.

Thanks for reading. I’ll always try to be honest, even when things don’t turn out great.