The Birthday story

This is my very first post and it happens to be on the day after my son’s birthday! I would like to share a few thoughts and a cake recipe that came to me on this big day!

Happy birthday to our sweet and loving boy! Today we are celebrating four years of adventure! We had so many beautiful moments. Other moments weren’t so beautiful at the time, but they were a great training in interpersonal communication, conflict management and counselling. He’s a real blessing!

On his birthday, I was thinking about how my life has changed since becoming a mother. On one hand, I thought my life became very predictable (I know what I’m doing at 6:00 EVERY morning and 6:00 EVERY evening.) On the other hand, my life is very unpredictable and I need to have a plan B, C, D, E…for when plan A falls through, which happens almost every day. Like when he decided it wasn’t time to go to the doctor’s because he had to urgently use the rest room for a long time, or what I thought was the best activity ever turned out to be very boring to him, or what’s for breakfast and the list can go on and on..

But then, I realized that, in actuality, my life became an adventure. If it weren’t for kids, I never would have learned all the different kinds of trucks that exist and that have ever existed. Or, all the names of the trees of Northeastern United States except for this one tree near where we live that no one knows the name of. Kids also made me study the nuts and bolts of physics, like how friction REALLY works. (“Why aren’t the wheels turning!!!”) Kids have also showed me my own character limitations, and I was able to see who I really am, and what areas need improvement. Right now I am working on becoming a lesser perfectionist and instead, focus on the most important things in life. The journey matters!

With Christian and his little brother, Matthew, I have become faster and have increased my reaction time. I also do more cleaning, which in turn leads to more patience. Sometimes there are more tears, but there are also more laughs. Most importantly, I have more trust and much much more LOVE!


My four year old loves Paw Patrol and of course I made a Paw Patrol cake.



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